Rewards Points

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Introducing Reward Points


What are reward points?  Reward points are our way of saying "Thank You".  We know there are lots of places on the internet to buy LuLaRoe.  We feel very special that you've selected us so we decided to return that special feeling to you.  For every $10 you spend per order we'll give you 1 reward point; yep 10% of your order. Each reward point is good for $1 and can be used on your next purchase.


Here are some other details:

  1. Reward points are only given if you create and account and are logged in at the time of the purchase.
  2. One (1) reward points are given for each $10 you spend, essentailly 10% of your order.
  3. Reward points can only be used on the website and have no cash value.
  4. Reward points are usually applied within 2 days of your purchase.  Yes there is a forgetful guy & gal at the other end of the site and sometimes do we forget, so please remind us if you're owed points and they aren't applied.
  5. Reward points last 6 months from your purchase.  
  6. Reward points are not given for shipping charges paid.


  1. Q: If I purchase a pair of leggings for $25 and pay $4.50 shipping, how many reward points will I receive?  A: You will receive 2 reward points
  2. Q: If I purchase a shirt for $35 and use a coupon for 20% off and free shipping, how many reward points will I receive? A; You will receive 2 rewards points since your total after coupon is $26.80.

Claiming Reward Points 

  1. Reward points are claimed at the time of checkout.  Under the section "Do you Have a Coupon or Voucher?" you should see a box that says "Enter Reward Points".  Your available reward points are shown at that time and you simply enter the number of points you with to use for your order.


  1. Q: Can I use reward points AND a coupon? A:  Yes you can.
  2. Q: Do i need to use all my reward points for each transaction? A: No, you can split your reward points across multiple transactions.

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